Graduate Alumni

Below you will find the research bios on our most recent alumni.

Assistant Professor - Skidmore College

Office: Palamountain 332
Phone: (518) 580-5191



B.A., Agnes Scott College

Ph.D., Emory University 


Research Interests:

  • Poetry and Poetics
  • Theories of the lyric
  • Science and literature
  • Modern and contemporary global Anglophone literature
  • Irish Studies


Select Courses Taught:

  • EN 105: The Space Age
  • EN 110: Introduction to Literary Studies
  • EN 213: Poetry
  • EN 229: Literature and the Cosmos
  • EN 313: Modern Poetry
  • EN 314: Contemporary Poetry
  • EN 363: Conflict and Creativity in Irish Literature


Select Publications:

  • “Punishing the Lyric: Seamus Heaney and the Poetics of a Communal Europe.” Eire/Ireland 51.3-4 (Fall/Winter 2016): 217-43.

  • “Vistas of Simultaneity’: Northern Irish Elegy and the Yugoslav Wars.” New Hibernia Review 18.3 (Autumn 2014): 31-50.

  • “The Spanish Copla in T.S. Eliot’s ‘Landscapes’.” Journal of Modern Literature 37.4 (Summer 2014): 130-142.

  • “Slave Ships and Coffin Ships: Transatlantic Exchanges in Irish-American Blackface Minstrelsy.” Comparative American Studies 10.1 (Spring 2012): 78-94.

  • “Seamus Heaney and Eastern European Poetry.” In Seamus Heaney in Context. Ed. Geraldine Higgins. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, forthcoming.

  • Poems published in Connotation Press, the Dunes Review, Penn Review, Off the Coast, and elsewhere

Assistant Professor of English - Centenary College of Louisiana



Emory University, Ph.D in English, 2016

Boston University, M.F.A. in Creative Writing (Poetry), 2008

Harvard University, A.B. in History and Literature (France), honors thesis, magna cum laude, 2005



"Remembering Poetry: Figures of Scale in the Postwar Anglophone Lyric"

Committee: Geraldine Higgins (co-chair), Ronald Schuchard (co-chair), Walter Reed, and Laura Otis



Journal Articles

"Derek Walcott's Quarrel with the American South: Debating Citizenship through Figurations of Scale." The Global South, Fall 2016.

"Anthony Hecht's Little Book." The Hopkins Review 7:3 (Summer 2014): 336-345.



"Poet in Profile: Natasha Tretheway: Poem Analysis of 'Give and Take.'" The Journal of Humanities in Rehabilitation 1:2 (Summer 2015).


Poetry Book

The Borrowed World, winner of the Able Muse Book Award, Able Muse Press, Summer 2016.


Poetry and Translation in Periodicals and Magazines

Blackbird (November 2015); Southwest Review 100: 2 (Spring 2015); Iron Horse Literary Review 17:2 (April 2015); Unsplendid 5:3 + 6:1 (July 2014) and 2:2 (2009); The Rainstown Review 11:1 (February 2013) and 10:2 (February 2012); New Ohio Review Issue 12 (Fall 2012); Harvard Divinity Bulletin 40.3-4 (Fall 2012); South Loop Review Vol. 12 (2012); Able Muse Issue 11 (Summer 2011); Sewanee Theological Review 55:2 (Spring 2012); Measure 4:2 (2009); Literary Imagination 12:1 (2010)


Teaching Experience

Lecturer, Emory University

ENG CW271: Introduction to Poetry Writing, Spring 2016

ENGCW271: Introduction to Poetry Writing, Fall 2015

ENGCW271: Introduction to Poetry Writing, Spring 2015


Instructor, Emory University

SIRE 299R: Scholarly Inquiry and Research at Emory, 2015-2016

ENG205: Introdcution to Poetry - Memory and The Lyric, Fall 2014

ENG181: Writing About Literature - Literature of Self-Discovery, Spring 2013

ENG101: Expository Writing - Writing about War in the 20th Century, Fall 2012


Instructor, Boston University

ENG202: Introduction to Creative Writing, Spring 2008


Teaching Assistantships, Emory University

ENG256: British Literature Since 1660, Spring 2012

ENG255: British Literature Before 1660, Fall 2011


English & Creative Writing Teacher, National Cathedral School, Washington D.C

Creative Writing: Prose, Fall 2008

Creative Writing: Prose, Spring 2009

Writing Seminar, Spring 2009

English 8, 2009-2010

Independent Study, Fall 2009

Assistant Professor in English - Macalester College


Professor Elkins teaches courses on modern and contemporary literature from Ireland, the U.K. and the Caribbean, visual culture, and the politics of aesthetics. She completed her PhD in English at Emory University, where she specialized in the intersection of visual art and literature, modernism, and feminist approaches to the archive.  She’s working on her first monograph entitled Crafting Modernity, and her writing has appeared or is forthcoming in PMLAThe Los Angeles Review of BooksJournal of Modern LiteratureTulsa Studies in Women’s LiteratureSouth Atlantic Review, and The Space Between: Literature and Culture 1914-1945.



Ph.D. Emory University

M.A. University of Virginia

B.A. Hendrix College


Areas of Study:

  • Modernism
  • 20th/21st-century British literature
  • Irish studies
  • Caribbean and diasporic literature
  • Visual and material culture
  • Art theory
  • History of art and craft
  • Gender, sexuality, and feminism
  • Nonviolence




“A Stitch in Time: H.D.’s Craft Modernism as Transhistoric Repair, The Space Between: Literature and Culture 1914-1945 12 (2016): online.

“Cross-Cultural Kodak: Snapshot Aesthetics in the Fiction of Virginia Woolf,” South Atlantic Review 77.3&4 (2012): 1-20.

“Old Pages and New Readings in Virginia Woolf’s Orlando,” Tulsa Studies in Women’s Literature 29.1 (Spring 2010): 131-36.


Book reviews:

“Touching on Modernism,” Review Essay of Haptic Modernism: Touch and the Tactile in Modernist Writing by Abbie Garrington, Journal of Modern Literature 38.1 (Fall 2014): 183-89.

Review of Savina Stevanato, Visuality and Spatiality in Virginia Woolf’s Fiction, Woolf Studies Annual 19 (2013): 274-77.


Selected talks:

“The Craft of Survival,” American Craft Council Library Salon Series, Spring 2017.

“Modernism Across the Arts” Roundtable, Modernist Studies Association Conference, Fall 2016.

“Multimedia/Multicultural: Art, Literary Craft, and Disorientation in the Political Present,” Emory University Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry Fellows’ Luncheon, November 2015.

“Crafty Women: Art, Protest, and the Politics of Making in 20th Century Literature,” Emory University Women’s Club, October 2015.

“Mina Loy in the Age of Occupy: Trash Assemblage and the Aesthetics of Nonviolent Protest.” Association for the Study of the Arts of the Present, September 2015.

“Mother(board) Ireland: Technology, Nature, and Gender in Irish Literature.” Modernist Studies Association Conference, November 2014.

“Fractured Optics: Modernism’s Glass Aesthetic.” Modernist Studies Association Conference, August 2013.

“Elizabeth Bowen’s Haunted Cartographies: The Cuala Press and the Visible Wor(l)d of Irish Politics in Seven Winters.” American Conference for Irish Studies, February 2013.




Making ‘Splendid Things’ Archive:

Marion L. Brittain Postdoctoral Fellow - Georgia Institute of Technology



Emory University, Ph.D in English, 2018

National University of Ireland, Galway, M.A. in Culture and Colonialism (first-class honors), 2011

University of Notre Dame, B.A. in English (cum laude), 2009



"Criminal Cities: Capitalized Postcolonial Crime and the Contemporary Novels of London, Belfast, Bombay, and Johanne 48: 1 (sburg"

Committee: Deepika Bahri (chair), Geraldine Higgins, and Nathan Suhr-Sytsma


Select Publications

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

"'We Don't Have Trains in Palestine': Tracking Transportation in Kate Jessica Raphael's Palestinian Detective Novels." Forthcoming in Studies in Crime Writing

"'Gorgeously and Permanently Overrun': The Contemporary Anglophone Novel and Crisis." Forthcoming in The Global South

"'An Act of Geographical Violence': Crime, Literature, and the Colonial Compulsion." Published online in advance print in The Journal of Commonwealth Literature

"Ghost Stories, Ghost Estates: Melancholia in Irish Recession Literature." C21 Literature: Journal of 21st Century Writings 5:1 (Winter 2017): 1-21

"Nowhere and Northwest, Brent and Britain: Geographies of Elsewhere in Zadie Smith's NW." The Journal of the Midwest Modern Language Associations 48:1 (Spring 2015): 97-119


Book Chapters

"Criminal Cities: Economics and Empire in Belfast and Johannesburg." Forthcoming in The Economics of Empire: Genealogies of Capitals and the Colonial Encounter. Eds. Maureen E. Ruprecht Fadem and Michael O'Sullivan. Routledge, 2019

"Arundhati Roy's The Ministry of Utmost Happiness as New Urban Gothic." Forthcoming in The New Urban Gothic: Global Gothic in the Age of the Anthropocene. Eds. Ruth Heholt and Holly-Gale V. Millette. Palgrave Macmillan, 2019


Teaching Experience

As Brittain Fellow at Geogria Institute of Technology

ENGL1102: "The Way We Live Now: Crisis in Atlanta and Beyond" (3 sections, 1 section honors), Spring 2020

ENGL1101: "From 'Gin Craze' to 'Reefer Madness': Drug and Crime Epidemics" (3 sections), Fall 2019

ENGL1101: "Rhetorics of Crisis," Summer 2019

ENGL1102: "The Global Novel in English" (3 sections), Spring 2019

ENGL1101: "Composing Empire and Revolution (3 sections), Fall 2018


As Dean's Teaching Fellow at Emory University/Arrendale State Prison

"Scandalous Women: Crime and Sin in Postcolonial Women's Writing," Spring 2018

"Research and Writing with PhD Students," Fall 2017


As Graduate Instructor, Emory University

ENG212W: Literature and Popular Culture - "Postcolonialism and Popular Culture," Spring 2017

ENG387W/AFS 389W/REL 387W: Literature and Religion - "Literature Beyond Secularism," Fall 2015

ENG101: "Writing About Cities," Spring 2015

ENG101: "Writing About British and Irish Detective Television," Spring 2015

ENG181: "Writing About Contemporary British Literature, Culture, and Film," Fall 2014


As Teaching Assistant, Emory University

LING101: "History of the American Languages," Dr. Susan Tamasi, Spring 2015 & Fall 2015

ENG256: "British Literature After 1660," Dr. Paul Kelleher, Spring 2014

ENG255: "British Literature Before 1660," Dr. James Morey, Fall 2013

Visiting Assistant Professor, Pepperdine University



PhD, English (2018), Emory University, Atlanta, GA

MA, English (2008), Abilene Christian University, Abilene, TX

BA, English (2005), Abilene Christian University, Abilene, TX



"Gathering Places: Place as Archive in Irish, Indian, and Caribbean Literature." Committee: Nathan Suhr-Sytsma (advisor), Geraldine Higgins (advisor), and Deepika Bahri



Peer Reviewed:

"Archives, Asylums, and Remembering Landscapes in Sebastian Barry's The Secret Scripture." Forthcoming in LIT, December 2019.

Manuscripts in Progress:

"Shaping Water: Rivers in The God of Small Things and The Hungry Tide." Article in progress.


Teaching Experience:

Pepperdine University:

Visiting Assistant Professor (2019-2020) and Faculty Fellow (2018-1019)

Topics in Literature: The Apocalypse and Everything After (Fall 2019)

English Composition: Writing about Pop Culture (Spring and Fall 2019, Fall 2018)

Humanities (Western Civilisation from 1815-present): Empire and After (Summer 2019)

Topics in Literature: Missionaries in Literature (Spring 2019)

American Multicultural Literature: Reimagining the Nation (Fall 2018)


Emory University:

Graduate Student Instructor (Instructor of Record)

Introduction to Poetry: Poetry and Crisis (Fall 2016)

Expository Writing: Composition and Comics (Spring 2015)

Writing About Literature: Stranger Danger in Literature (Fall 2014)

Participant in Emory's Domain of One's Own Project


Graduate Teaching Assistant

British Literature Before 1660 (with Professor James Morey)

British Literature Since 1660 (with Professor Paul Kelleher)


Boston College:

Teaching Fellow (Instructor of Record)

First-Year Writing Seminar: The Rhetoric of Monstrosity (Fall 2011 and Spring 2012)


Abilene Christian University:

Instructor Spring 2009-2010

Composition and Rhetoric (Spring 2009, Spring and Fall 2010)

Dual Enrollment Composition and Rhetoric (Fall 2009)

Composition and Literature (Fall 2009 and Spring 2010)

Academic Composition (Fall 2009)


Adjunct Instructor 2008

Academic Composition (Fall 2008)


Graduate Assistant Instructor (Instructor of Record) 2007-2008

Composition and Rhetoric (Fall 2007)

Rhetoric and Persuasion (Spring 2008)







Mellon/ACLS Public Fellow - Senior Research Analyst at American Public Media Research Lab



PhD, Comparative Literature (2018)

BA, Philosophy, Departmental Honors, (2008)



"Postal Poetics in Contemporary Northern Irish Poetry"


Teaching Experience:

Graduate Teaching Fellow - Research Partners Program (2016-2017)


Graduate Instructor - Department of Comparative Literature (2011-2016)


First-Year Composition Scorer - Emory Writing Program (2014-2016)


Professional Experience:

Research and Editorial Assistant - The Letters of Samuel Beckett (2012-2019)


Research Specialist - Nature of Evidence Initiative, Quality Enhancement Plan (2018-2019)


Graduate Student Assistant - Nature of Evidence Initiative, Quality Enhancement Plan (2017-2018)


Volunteer and Financial Coordinator - Give Us Wings (2009-2010)

Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow - Emory University Writing Program



Emory University, English Ph.D, August 2019

New York University, Irish and Irish American Studies, M.A, 2013

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, English major, History minor, B.A., 2010

Semester Abroad, University College Cork, 2009



"Domestic Disturbances: Family, Home, and History in Global Anglophone Women's Writing." Committee: Geraldine Higgins (chair), Barbara Ladd, Nathan Suhr-Sytsma


Peer Reviewed Publications:

"Performing Anglo-Irish Hospitality in Elizabeth Bowen's A World of Love," forthcoming in New Hibernia Review, 23.1 (Summer 2019).

"Furious Women and Scorned Men." Review of Hellkite, by Geraldine Mills, Breac: A Digital Journal of Irish Studies, 20 April 2017.

Review of Partitioned Lives: The Irish Borderlands edited by Catherine Nash, Bryonie Reid, and Brian Graham, Irish Studies Review, 24.4 (2016).

Review of Poetry by Women in Ireland: A Critical Anthology 1870-1970, edited by Lucy Collins, Feminist Review 110 (2015).


Courses Designed and Taught:

Emory University

ENG223: Rhetorical Grammar, Fall 2019

ENG101: First Year Writing, Expository Writing, American Selfie, Fall 2019

ENG258: Introduction to Irish Studies, Spring 2018

ENG101: First Year Writing, Expository Writing, Writing about Travel, Spring 2016

ENG181: First Year Writing, Writing About Literature, Haunted Ireland, Fall 2015


Spelman College

ENG301: Special Topics, Caribbean Women Writers, Spring 2019

ENG103: First Year Composition, American Selfie, Fall 2018


Teaching Assistant

ENG256: English Literature after 1660, Dr. Paul Kelleher, Emory University, Spring 2015

ENG255: English Literature before 1660, Dr. James Morey, Emory University, Fall 2014